As the plot developes in a novel typically the conflict starts to become more clear. Describe the plot of your book so far and the emerging conflict…. make sure to mention the point of view and the setting.

the wave is based on an incedent that took place in a high school history class, as mr rosses class studys world war 2 they cant understand how the nazis could have followed hitler so mr ross creates this group called the wave to help understand and by a couple days what started in a classroom quickly spreads like wildfire throught the school


My Favourite type of music

theres several types of music a person could listen to like rap hip hop rock ect, my all time favourite type of music is rap plus dubstep sometimes the reason i like rap is because its down right funky i like listening to the story behind the lyrecks and i can reflect on that sometimes theres also goto be a siick beat to it, rap is the best type of music everyone should try listining to it and thats my favourite type of music.

my favourite food

theres alot of foods that i like that could be my favourite but my all time favourite type of food is bacon ILL HAVE DAT STUFF ON ANYTHINGGG!!!! pizza toast more bacon pickles cheese crackers everything with bacon SOUCE!!! i love bacon the texture the smell of sweet bacon from the animal of god bacon is the best thing created thanku to who creadted it i love you.

my favourite place to snoboard

my favourite place to snoboard is prbably going to be big white because its the closest place its big and its white because they have a lot of snow, ive ben going there for 3 or 4 years now and ive gotten pretty good, thers a bunch of different runs and lifts you can take i like the black dimond runs cause there narr and they have jumps 🙂 you can also goto to the telus board park they gotrails jumps butterboxes n pipes . they also have a huge half pipe and three xtra large jumps that are craz. i usally stay in a condo where you can board right out the door. so thats why big white is my favourite place to snoboard.